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Crosby Misses Practice with Lower Body Injury

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Penguins center Sidney Crosby missed Sunday's practice due to a lower body injury.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to Penguins Head Coach Mike Sullivan, Sidney Crosby missed Sunday's practice due to a undisclosed lower body injury suffered in the game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Josh Yohe reported seeing Crosby limping.

"I saw Crosby outside of the locker room after Sunday’s practice, and he appeared to be walking with a limp." - Yohe

In the second period, Crosby got called for hooking but it appeared more like a kneeing penalty. Also in the third period with 6:23 left, Crosby fell awkwardly to the ice on a check by Carolina defensemen Just Faulk.

Crosby, who has accumulated 17 points in his last 21 games played, is unlikely to play on Monday against the Blue Jackets. The Penguins go on the CBA mandated Christmas break returning to play on December 26th in Minnesota.