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Pens Points: A Win! Not an Onion Article.

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Good morning one and all,

The boys finally broke through with some goals and downed the goon platoon from Cololumbus. Here is a nice recap. [AP]

There will be no suspension or any discipline for dirtbag Dalton Prout. What kind of message is the NHL sending? We are an outfit for neanderthals, that's the message. [PensNation]

The team just announced that Scott Wilson and Bryan Rust will be heading back to Wilkes-Barre. The team is off for the NHL Christmas break until the 26th. [Penguins]

How will Sullivan split time between Murray and Zatkoff until Fleury is cleared to return? A season ago in WBS they split time almost evenly. [Trib]

So, did everyone like the Pens holiday video? Who was best, who was worst? Duper and Potash as mom and dad, pretty much that was it for me. And Geno as Harry. [Penguins]

Canada's roster is set, US is nearly there, down to 24, and the World Junior tourney kicks off in Finland in 3 days. Bookmark the tournament site for all the news. And, of course, go USA! [WorldJunior2016]

Connor McDavid (remember him?) is making great progress with his recovery, but there is still no timetable for his return. [Sportsnet]

Canucks haven't been doing all that well to begin with, but have now lost captain Henrik Sedin to injury. [Sportsnet]

If push comes to shove, can you put two goalies in the net? Nice try, but no. A high school team just did it and it didn't go over well. [CBS Sports]

*For the end, this is honestly one of the coolest stories I've read in a while. The ever-entertaining story of an emergency house goalie. [The Players' Tribune]

Happy holidays!