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Pens Points: Playing With The Boys

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Geno serves. He's probaby best at this as well.
Geno serves. He's probaby best at this as well.
Still image capruted from video courtesy of Pens TV / SN

Good morning one and all,

The Pens are in sunny California and have a couple of days off. What can be better than a little beach volleyball? It was a perfect throwback to the classic Top Gun scene set to a Kenny Loggins tune. I've seen Top Gun like 5000 times. Too bad Russians didn't have Geno in a MiG. [Sportsnet]

Elliotte Friedman 30 thoughts has some interesting tidbits about what goes through a goalie's mind as Geno swoops down towards you with the puck. And also, how to fix the discipline. Good luck with that. [Sportsnet]

Oh hey look Radko Gudas has been on an unapologetic headhunting quest for 150 games and he gets his first 3-game suspension, wows not to change. Filling the great skates of Raffi Torres is no easy feet, folks. [NHL]

Buffalo beat out Pittsburgh and St. Louis to host IIHF World Juniors in 2018. [NBC Pro Hockey Talk]

Henrik Lundqvist talks about growing up in a small skiing hamlet in Sweden and how he became a hockey goalie. [Sportsnet]

The Rangers lost to the Islanders last night and everybody wants this to be a playoff series, and the Isles are suddenly alive again. [ESPN]

John Scott doesn't want your joke votes for the ASG. Girgensons doesn't want Latvians putting him there either. The NHL says if Scott is legitimately voted in, he could captain the team. What a joke this whole thing is. [Globe & Mail]

Jagr doesn't think 3-on-3 would be good for his old body and pleaded with fans to give him a break, but Teemu Selanne says he's voting for him anyway. The two-legend lovefest on twitter was something else. [Fox Sports]

The Pens sit at 12th spot in the latest NHL power ranking. I don't see what any of it has to do with the number of umlauts in Olli's last name but okay. [Sportsnet]