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Pens Points: Colorado Game Day

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Good morning one and all,

The hockey career of Pascal Dupuis is over. I'm really trying to hold it together for now and it will be a while before I can pen a deserving farewell to my favorite player. For now this will have to do. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

Jonathan Bombulie's blog post from yesterday probably paints the emotional picture that Duper and the team went through yesterday better than any audio or video clip. Read it. [Chipped Ice]

Somewhere amid all the sadness, there is a hockey game to be played tonight. The Pens are in Denver taking on the Avs. Game preview here. [Fox Sports]

We'll get to see the transformed Matt Duchene again, who leaned on coach Patrick Roy to regain the confidence in his game. There's a nice little square in there on the friendship that Duchene has with Crosby. [NHL]

The Pens are arguably short one top-4 defenseman. Where and how can they find him? [Hockey Buzz]

A look back down the memory lane. Ten years ago, the Joe Thornton trade stunned many and permanently altered two franchises. [ESPN]

It's too late for Leafs, Oilers and others, but the NHL is doing away with its controversial executive compensation policy. [Vancouver Sun]

Here is a list of all compensatory draft picks exchanged under this policy. The Pens received two of them, one for Bylsma, another one for Hynes. [Sportsnet]

The family of former NHL defenseman, the late Steve Montador, is suing the NHL for failing to provide him with up-to-date medical information about the risk of long-term brain damage. [TSN]

I really want to read something happy and uplifting but instead there's this. Growing up with an abusive hockey dad who used to beat the living daylights out of his kid, Patrick O'Sullivan. [The Players' Tribune]