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Kris Letang is Very Good and Makes His Defense Partners Better

In stunning (not so much), nearly every defensive partner that Kris Letang has played with has seen a statistical inflation as a benefit of his play. It's fascinating.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When looking at the With or Without (WOWY) statistics from Hockey Analysis, it's incredible to see how much better playing with Kris Letang helps other players become, in terms of possession.

Letang WOWY

Even rock solid players like Paul Martin and Christian Ehrhoff see a significant decline in their Corsi For Percentage when they play away from Letang.

To me, the biggest takeaway is seeing how nearly every Penguins defenseman is a sub-50% Corsi For player when they're on the ice at 5v5 without Kris Letang.

If anything, I think this helps show and highlight Kris Letang's value to the Penguins as much as his offensive scoring abilities go.