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Pens Points: Practice? We Talking About Practice?

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Pens played a decent 65-minute game in Chicago, but lost the second point in the shootout. Last season we were often able to get that extra point. This season, once regulation ends, more often than not that's it for the Pens.

Anyhow, if you missed the game, this recap has all the action and all the gifs. [Penguins Sauce]

Mike Johnston says he doesn't like the shootout. That's too bad. Rules are the same for everyone. Get your team ready to compete. Get them extra practice and preparation. [PPG]

Beau Bennett had one of his best games in a while and was probably our most crerative and consistent player. That didn't help him see any ice in OT. [Trib]

The Pens power play has nowhere to go but up. I've long advocated for experimenting with Sid and Geno on different units, and they tried a bit of that. Can't hurt to try different things. [PPG]

It kind of baffles me that for the most part the team and staff seemed happy that they played a good game, yet left a standings point on the table, but there you have it. [Trib]

The Maple Leafs have started shipping players out, and even after Franson and Santorelli were shipped out yesterday there will be more to come and no one is untouchable. []

The Caps topped the Ducks 5-3 last night, and Ryan Getzlaf had a little too much of Alex Ovechkin's diving on a totally phantom slashing penalty. Ovie is too good a player to embarrass himself that way, frankly. [CBS Sports]

Lastly, sad news hit again yesterday as we learned of the death of former NHLer Steve Montador, who was found dead at his home at only 35 years of age. He was remembered as a great person by all who knew him. RIP Monty. [Globe & Mail]