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Pittsburgh Penguins trade for Daniel Winnik

The Pittsburgh Penguins add the forward they want

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is big, the Pittsburgh Penguins have struck again and landed Toronto forward Daniel Winnik.

The Penguins trade their worst forward ( Zach Sill ) and two picks for a useful forward in Daniel Winnik.

From the Hockey News, a look at Winnik:

Assets: Can play any forward position and displays plenty of defensive acumen. Has excellent size for the NHL game, as well as plenty of determination.
Flaws: Doesn't always use his large frame (6-2, 210 pounds) to the best of his capability, especially offensively. Is prone to prolonged scoring droughts.
Career Potential: Versatile veteran forward.

Solid move for the Pens, who keep their second round pick this season, in a draft they've already traded their 1st and 3rd...And now 4th round picks. All those picks are exchanged for a better chance to win the Stanley Cup, which the Pens have done routinely.


To make matters better, Toronto is retaining half of Winnik's salary. Dumping Sill + this retainage should give the Pens enough wiggle room to be in decent shape for another move heading up to the trade deadline on Monday.