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Pens Points: A Weekend to Forget

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Not enough toom in the penalty box.
Not enough toom in the penalty box.

Well, that weekend was bad. And I only saw half of it. Two days, two games, key players lost to injury, and nearly shut out both times. [PPG]

We should get an update today on the injury status for Malkin, Hornqvist, and Comeau. Of the three, Hornqvist was thought to be the worst. [Trib]

Leading the parade to the penalty box, as usual, is Steve Downie. The guy is officially out of control now. [PPG]

Getting frazzled at the first sign of incompetent officiating is not a way to go. Somewhere, somehow, someone on the team needs to figure out how to fix this. [Trib]

Kunitz shot a puck at the ref. Downie pushed a ref to the ice. Letang mocked a ref in a viral internet gif. Temper tantrums are for kids. Grown-ups really should know better. [Hockey Buzz]

The best hockey story out of Pittsburgh this weekend doesn't involve the NHL. A great story about the only African-American hockey coach in the region. [Trib]

The Ottawa Senators aren't going away quietly, and their sensational savior Andrew Hammond got a hamburger salute from an adoring fan on Sunday. [THN]

Goalie interference, 3-on-3 OT and other tweaks will be on tap at the NHL GM meetings in Boca Raton. Excellent read by Bob McKenzie. [TSN]

Which college free agents will draw interest from the NHL? [USA Today]

If you thought things are a mess in Pittsburgh (and they are), it can always be worse. In San Jose, the owner has appealed for calm from all involved. [Sportsnet]

There's some guy in Columbus named Marko Dano. He did this really cool thing. [Fox Sports]