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Pens Points: Bedeviled Again

Pens generate shots, but none go past Schneider.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Pens dropped their third straight game, this time to the New Jersey Devils, as the goals were nowhere to be found. [PPG]

While the Pens threw 35 shots at Cory Schneider, who was excellent yet again, Mike Johnston was not happy with how his team competed around the net and in the high scoring areas. [Trib]

Gary Agnew repeated those sentiments in his 3 impressions after the game. The Pens didn't play poorly, but didn't finish their chances around the net. []

The Devils have wasted a phenomenal season by Corey Schneider, which has kind of gone unnoticed. [CBS Sports]

The Pens haven't wasted Fleury's season - yet - and he has deservedly been mentioned among the league's top goalies this regular season. But is it actually worthy of a Vezina nomination? [Hockey Buzz]

Malkin's return from his latest injury is shrouded in uncertainty. While it was originally said he may rejoin the team at some point during the road trip, it no longer looks likely. [PPG]

Vancouver Canucks honored Pat Quinn's memory on St. Patrick's Day in a classy and thoughtful celebration. There will even be a street named Pat Quinn Way in Vancouver. []

Six things we learned in the NHL last night: Hammond is now 11-0-1, Wild are playing well on the road, and Jonathan Toews scored 2 and set up 2 to pick up the scoring in Kane's absence. Cough, captain, cough. [Sportsnet]

His good play not only has the left-for-dead Senators showing signs of playoff life again, but the Hamburglar will be eating free at McDonald's for the rest of his life. [TSN]

After the first day of meetings in Boca Raton, the NHL GMs recommended a 3-on-3 OT and a coach's challenge system. It's up to the NHLPA now. [Canadian Press]

The salary cap is on tap for day 2. Even if the NHLPA doesn't vote to raise the cap ceiling, the league can still do it. Some important clarification from the fine print in the CBA. Excellent read as always by Elliotte Friedman. [Sportsnet]

Which NHL teams would be the best 3-on-3? Crosby, Malkin, Letang, you say? Yeah, no one else has the trio that would rival 87/71/58. [THN]