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Who are the Pens best options at 3 on 3?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL has announced their plans (pending player union approval) to add some 3-on-3 overtime in regular seasons, in an effort to reduce shootouts. Sidney Crosby is excited for the change, saying he's been "ready for years".

It's going to be exciting, and it got us thinking: just what would we make the lines for the Penguins if we had 3v3 OT this year.

Line 1

Crosby - David Perron

Kris Letang

As tempting as it is to unite Crosby/Malkin, we like the smooth hands and offensive ability as Perron almost as much. These three all can skate like the wind, have a killer offensive instinct and would end a lot of games.

Line 2

Evgeni Malkin - Patric Hornqvist

Derrick Pouliot

Some concerns about Hornqvist's skating, but we think he'll do OK out there and may get to the net just in time to find a rebound once Malkin or Pouliot take the puck there with a shot.

Line 3

Brandon Sutter - Beau Bennett

Paul Martin

Surprised? Sutter is one of the best Pens in space in 4v5 situations and with a lot of open ice, should be able to rush the puck up the right side in what's probably his strongest suited ability. Bennett is a roller hockey player at heart, and roller hockey is about time, space, puck possession and skill. Bennett has all of these traits and they will work like a charm at 3v3. Throw in a solid positional and good puck mover in Martin to cover the back-end and it looks like a good line until the big boys can get their breath back.


That's our ideas, how would you stack up yours?