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Pens Points: Dumped in Dallas

The Penguins lose again

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The game against the Dallas Stars was more frustration for the Pittsburgh Penguins:

In happier (?) news, Kris Letang is the deserving team nominee for the Masterton Trophy, given for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. [PG]

And, even though it seems like the sky is falling, there's still a 99.1% chance that the Penguins are in the playoffs. This slide definitely hurts for seeding and certainly isn't "peaking at the right time", but in the big picture the Pens still have more than enough time to right the ship. [Ineffective Math]

Could be worse, look at how the Flyers are treating Steve Mason. [Broad Street Hockey]

Mike Milbury suggests sending Joe Thornton to the AHL, illustrating one of many reasons why Mike Milbury isn't running an NHL team any longer. [Fear the Fin]

Meanwhile, over the in KHL a pissed off coach mock bribed a ref by pulling out his wallet and pretending to give a bribe...Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea. [Puck Daddy]

Ottawa keeps on chugging, win a wild one over Boston. Hamburgular improves to 12-0-1. [TSN]

Jaromir Jagr scores another goal and moves up the record books a little further. [NHL]

Henrik Lundqvist will return "when the time is right". Next fall sounds about right for me. [NHL]

Appreciating a great young defenseman, Justin Faulk. This kid would be spoken of a lot more highly if he played in a different market. [SB Nation NHL]

A plea from Buffalo for Anders Lindback to worse? Ahh tanking. [Buffalo News]

The Winnipeg Jets are inching closer to a playoff spot. That barn is going to be CRAZY if they make it. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Finally, sadly, a fond farewell and stick tap for Matthew Wuest, the founder of the website Capgeek. The word revolutionary gets thrown around too much, but his innovate website really has defined everything that a great hockey website should be. He will be missed, thoughts to his family and friends. []