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Carolina game day

The Pittsburgh Penguins head to Carolina to meet the Hurricanes

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Winnik becomes the latest in a long line of players to play with Sidney Crosby. [Post-Gazette]

Nothing's better than a good old fashioned prank call. [The Pensblog]

And, since we feel bad for Gene Collier, we'll toss him a link for his column on the NHL's goal scoring epidemic. [PG - Collier]

"Penguins coach Mike Johnston questioned the 'compete level' of four to five players Tuesday night". Oooooh. (Our guesses would include Beau Bennett, Craig Adams and Maxim Lapierre). [PG]

Should the Pens drop Chris Kunitz a line and play Steve Downie in the top 6? Mark Madden thinks so, or at least wants to take a controversial stance to make you want to pay attention to him. [BC Times]

Kris Letang and Paul Martin thrive on a heavy workload. Good thing, with Christian Ehrhoff injured again, the two main defensemen are going to have all the ice-time they can handle. [Tribune Review]

Craig Adams, on his fight vs St. Louis that happened immediately after the Pens scored 2 goals in 17 seconds. "There were some things going on. I thought it was best to get one out of the way and let everything settle back down, get back to play hockey." I don't know, seems like scoring goals was playing hockey pretty good for one team. [Trib]

One of the reasons that tonight's opponent, the Hurricanes, are struggling, is that their highest paid players aren't filling the net enough. [Canes Country]

And their game preview. [Canes Country]

Rick Nash is slumping, just in time for the playoffs, stop me if you've heard that before. [Blue Shirt Banter]

But Henrik Lundqvist is about to make his return. []

To know NHL GameCenter is to hate NHL GameCenter. [Winging it in Motown]

Should the Devils take back Ilya Kovalchuk if the prodigal son wants to come back to the NHL? Not all NJD fans are on board. [In Lou We Trust]

Wayne Simmonds and Andrew MacDonald both got injured and are out for the rest of the regular season. Considering the Pens still have 2 games left with Philly, Simmonds won't be missed by us, see ya in October! []

2015 NCAA hockey schedule, start times and info. [SBN College Hockey]

Deryk Engelland scores 2 goals in a game! And don't worry, April Fools day isn't until next week! But, seriously, with Calgary in a playoff hunt and needing every point, how ironic would it be if this tips the balance and puts them in. Would make all the jokes about that contract sting just a little less, right? [Puck Daddy]

The lawsuit by ex-NHL players over concussion concerns will move forward and they will soon depose Gary Bettman. [TSN]

Jordan Tootoo honors his late brother by raising awareness for suicide prevention. [Pro Hockey Talk]

GoPro Hockey videos rule. Patrick Kane is sick. Put 'em together and what do you get? [Puck Daddy]