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Las Vegas Odds on the Pittsburgh Penguins

Looking at what the odds are from Vegas on the Penguins...If that's your thing, step right up and let's talk shop. For educational and entertainment purposes only, of course.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Bovada, here are the current odds around the NHL:

Odds to win the 2015 Stanley Cup (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same)

2/3/15                      Current Odds

Chicago Blackhawks 6/1                            15/2

Anaheim Ducks 6/1                            9/1

Nashville Predators 14/1                           9/1

Montreal Canadiens 12/1                           10/1

St. Louis Blues 9/1                            10/1

Los Angeles Kings 16/1                           12/1

New York Islanders 12/1                           12/1

New York Rangers 14/1                           12/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 12/1                           12/1

Boston Bruins 12/1                           14/1

Detroit Red Wings 14/1                           14/1

Minnesota Wild 50/1                           14/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1                           14/1

Washington Capitals 25/1                           18/1

San Jose Sharks 16/1                           25/1

Vancouver Canucks 33/1                           25/1

Calgary Flames 66/1                           33/1

Winnipeg Jets 40/1                           33/1

Florida Panthers 100/1                          66/1

Philadelphia Flyers 100/1                          66/1

Colorado Avalanche 100/1                          200/1

Dallas Stars 100/1                          200/1

Ottawa Senators 200/1                          200/1

New Jersey Devils 200/1                          500/1

Arizona Coyotes 1000/1                         Off the Board

Buffalo Sabres Off the Board                Off the Board

Carolina Hurricanes 1000/1                         Off the Board

Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1                          Off the Board

Edmonton Oilers Off the Board                Off the Board

Toronto Maple Leafs 100/1                          Off the Board

Pens are usually a strong play, since lots of people bet on them, so they almost always have good odds on the board.

Conference Odds

Odds to win the 2015 Eastern Conference

Montreal Canadiens                   5/1

New York Islanders                    11/2

New York Rangers                     11/2

Pittsburgh Penguins                  11/2

Tampa Bay Lightning                 11/2

Boston Bruins                         6/1

Detroit Red Wings                     6/1

Washington Capitals                  9/1

Florida Panthers                       33/1

Philadelphia Flyers                    33/1

Ottawa Senators                       75/1

New Jersey Devils                     250/1

3 of the top 4 teams from the Metro, and either NY team could be Pittsburgh's first round matchup. Also: lots of people from Canada bet on Montreal.

Odds to win the 2015 Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks                 15/4

Nashville Predators                   4/1

Anaheim Ducks                         9/2

Los Angeles Kings                    11/2

St. Louis Blues                          11/2

Minnesota Wild                         7/1

San Jose Sharks                       12/1

Vancouver Canucks                   14/1

Calgary Flames                         16/1

Winnipeg Jets                           16/1

Colorado Avalanche                  100/1

Dallas Stars                          100/1

St. Louis at 11/2 might be the value play of the day..

Divisional Odds

Odds to Win the 2014 Atlantic Division

Montreal Canadiens                   1/2

Detroit Red Wings                     10/3

Tampa Bay Lightning                 10/3

Vegas says it's all but in hand for MTL, but Detroit is only down 6 points with 2 games-in-hand on them. If they win both those games, they're only 2 points back with 19 games left to play. Really good odds laid out for that.

Odds to win the 2014 Metropolitan Division

New York Rangers                     3/2

New York Islanders                    7/4

Pittsburgh Penguins                  5/2

Washington Capitals                  12/1

This looks about right. NYR is in the driver seat now.

Odds to Win the 2014 Central Division

Nashville Predators                   4/9

St. Louis Blues                          2/1

Chicago Blackhawks                 10/1

STL is 4 points back with 1 game-in-hand. We'd take that with those odds.

Awards Odds

Who will win the 2014 Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s Most Valuable Player?

Carey Price 2/1

Alex Ovechkin 3/1

John Tavares 7/2

Sidney Crosby 15/4

Ryan Getzlaf 15/2

Jakub Voracek 19/2

Nicklas Backstrom 12/1

Pekka Rinne 25/1

Rick Nash 30/1

Vladimir Tarasenko 30/1

Crosby is really low, considering he's got the best points/game in the league, is possible/probable to win another scoring title if he doesn't get hurt and is the reigning MVP. Because he's not as dominant as he was last year, will the voters hold it against him? Vegas is tempting you to take Crosby here.

Who will win the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s Rookie of the Year?

Filip Forsberg 5/8

Johnny Gaudreau 5/2

Aaron Ekblad 10/3

Michael Hutchinson 19/2

Mark Stone 14/1

Mike Hoffman 15/1

Anders Lee 18/1

Forsberg won't lose this one.

Who will win the Vezina Trophy for being the NHL’s top Goaltender?

Carey Price  (MON)                    5/14

Pekka Rinne (NAS)                    8/5

Marc Andre Fleury (PIT)             18/1

Braden Holtby (WAS)                26/1

Good odds on Fleury but Price is now the overwhelming betting favorite. And given his recent numbers, probably won't be topped unless he gets injured.

Who will win the James Norris Trophy as the NHL’s best defenseman?

Shea Weber 7/4

Kris Letang 4/1

Drew Doughty 4/1

Duncan Keith 5/1

Kevin Shattenkirk 6/1

P K Subban                         13/2

Ryan Suter 7/1

Erik Karlsson 12/1

The injury to Mark Giordano (which sucks, second year in a row an injury might have robbed this award for him) helps out Letang, who jumps up to tied-for-best odds. Letang is out in front of the points race for defensemen, and if he can stay there, his candidacy would be strong.