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Pens Points: It will be 5D and 13F for a while

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Home ice wins have been hard to come by for the Pens this season. Is this something they can turn around, and how? [PPG]

We may be going with 5 D for a while, so here's how the rest of the guys plan the pick up the slack in Letang and Ehrhoff's absences. [Trib]

Jim Rutherford says he's OK with that plan and dressing 13 forwards instead. [Trib]

The Hockey News have figured out that what we need the most in life is laughter, and they are delivering. A couple days after suggesting the Pens trade Sid for the #1 pick, here is a true story about the Pens who are the underdogs in playoffs. That's why it's called a post-season, dummy. [THN]

As Alex Ovechkin goes for goal #50 (making it his 6th season of doing so), Barry Trotz talks about what's different about our favorite gap-toothed dude. [USA Today]

Following that vicious slashing outburst we mentioned yesterday, Andre Deveaux had his contract terminated by his Swedish team. He shouldn't be anywhere near hockey, ever. [USA Today]

After all that tanking, the Oilers are suddenly moving in the "right direction" and will most likely end up without either of the top 2 picks. Whatever, they'd just find a way to ruin those players anyway. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Sabres, meanwhile, are tanking properly and they have all but wrapped up one of the top-2 picks. 30 is a nice round number. [USA Today]

It's the Clinch Watch in the NHL (or if you're on the other end, Elimination Watch). There are people who like the little letters popping up next to team names. [Grantland]

In December, Gordie Howe's family didn't think he'd get to celebrate another birthday. Today, thanks to modern medicine, he's going fishing and maybe a Wings game. Happy 87th birthday, Mr. Hockey, and here's to many more! [Detroit Free Press]