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Pens Points: Islanders Game Day

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning one and all,

Last night was one of the wildest nights of late-regular-season hockey I can remember. Let's recap what went down.

As expected. the Ottawa Senators beat the relaxed Rangers 3-0. I want them to get in and play the Rangers in the first round. And hopefully beat them again. [Yahoo Sports]

Florida Panthers played spoiler to a T by beating the Bruins 4-2. I hope the sun shines on them on April 18 in the form of a #1 overall pick. [Litterbox Cats]

In the process of schooling the Bruins, the timeless, ageless wonder Jaromir Jagr picked up his 1800th NHL point, making him 4th on the list of all-time scoring leaders. Legend. [Sports Illustrated]

After the game, Jagr said: "After 15 years, maybe someone likes me in Pittsburgh today." Video here. [961Kiss]

The Pens are announcing their team awards as the regular season winds down. Player's Player Award went to Marc-Andre Fleury. I'd had him pegged for the "Player's Favorite Doormat" or something. []

The Nashville Predators signed KHL scoring leader Steve Moses to a 1-year contract. [Sportsnet]

Carey Price set the Habs franchise record with 43 wins in a season by virtue of beating Detroit 4-3 in OT. Give this man all the trophies. [The Score]

Despite the OT loss, bu virtue of the Bruins loss the Red Wings are going to the postseason for the ridiculous 24th consecutive season. [Detroit Free Press]

Over on the left coast thing were even crazier. Calgary Flames beat the LA Kings 3-1, sending themselves to the playoffs. Well done. []

The Kings, however, are done. That's it for the defending champs. Not enough depth and poor cap management did them in. Hmm, that sounds familiar. [LA Times]

For the first time since 1996, the city of Winnipeg will see some playoff hockey. They partied at Portage & Main late into the night. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Which brings us back to the Penguins. Their magic number is down to 2 with two games remaining. They are confident they will make the playoffs. [PPG]

One fun number for the end: Jagr averaged nearly 86 points in his 21 NHL regular seasons. Unreal.