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Pens Points: Pouliot and Ehrhoff Out for Tonight

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Good morning one and all,

The Pens are skating and though Pouliot is on the ice he is rotating with Scott Harrington, meaning he'll likely sit another game out. Christian Ehrhoff didn't participate. Here are all the news and notes for tonight.

Still worried about Sidney Crosby? Yeah, didn't think so. [ESPN]

Max Lapierre has improved his game and his demeanor is just as advertised come playoffs. He's been one of the better sights on the Pens in this series. Also of note is 0 PIM to go with all that. [Trib]

*Mike Johnston has made several adjustments in a hurry. Mike Colligan breaks them down. [The Hockey Writers]

Welcome back to Chris Kunitz and his scoring touch. That was a sight for sore eyes. More of that, please. [Trib]

Brandon Sutter is coming through in the clutch. Corsi Shmorsi. Kidding aside, every player has strengths and weaknesses. We are happy to talk about #16's strengths. [Times Online]

The four centers are leading the way. If Malkin can find his scoring touch, this could actually be a really fun series. [Trib]

Where are the areas the Pens need to keep improving to have a real chance to come away victorious? [PPG]

Looking from the Rangers perspective, what do they have to do to take game 3? [NY Post]

Rangers powerplay is 2-12 in the series. The Pens need to stop giving them this many chances, though. That won't lead any place good. [New York Times]

The Rangers canceled their practice on Sunday, which also means Kevin Klein will not be cleared to play tonight. [Pro Hockey Talk]

The Washington Capitals lost game 3 to the Islanders in OT. Here is an interesting breakdown of the John Tavares overtime goal. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

The Jets are down 0-2 to Anaheim, but appear confident going back home. It's been a long time without a playoff game in Winnipeg. [The Province]

The Canucks and the Flames are also having a series which I'm not watching because I don't care for brawling on skates but here's your update. Too bad one of these teams will move on. Neither deserves to. [CBS Sports]

The draft lottery was held over the weekend and the Edmonton Oilers won the chance to try again with the #1 pick. Who are the winners and losers from Saturday? [Grantland]

*, recommended read