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Rangers Hold Off Pens, Blizzard Brews in Pittsburgh

Rutherford loses his cool, Crosby is locked out of the dressing room, Pens lose. We have the trifecta.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pens are down 2-1 in the series that for whatever reason still looks rather close. But because the game is the least interesting thing that happened last night, today's post will be a definitive ranking of Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors. If you haven't seen it, by now you must be curious, so here.

Just in case you think Rutherford should have used finer language while giving that sniveling self-aggrandizing weasel the business, it was nothing on the Reds manager Bryan Price. Banana Cream Pies all around for the 77 f-bombs. [The Score]

Three impressions tell us that the Pens are passing up too many shots. Georgia Mud Fudge. Never cared for that one. []

Extra Mint Oreos for Rob Scuderi, who looks like he needs energy to get through those line changes a little faster. []

Double Fudge Cookie Dough for the New York Rangers, who are very, very good at "avoiding penalties", which is emerging as the key metric in this series. [SI]

Chocolate Xtreme for Gary Agnew, whose penalty killing units are getting the job done. It's really a testament to good coaching that PK units are doing so well. [PPG]

It all begins (and ends) with the quality of the breakout for the Penguins. With our best puck-moving D on the shelf, it's hard to achieve. I'll have an M&M Blizzard to drown the sorrow. []

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for Marc-Andre Fleury, who was outstanding yet again. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Sidney Crosby got locked out of the locker room. S'mores for David Perron, who decided to let the captain in. [You Tube]

All of our Choco Cherry Love and kisses to Henrik Lundqvist as he recovers from those terrible crosschecks to his beautiful face. How dare they? [NYDN]

In reality, most of the Pens struggles can be traced back to 4 top defensemen out of their lineup. Butterfingers for everyone. [Hockey Buzz]

Umm, Turtle Pecan Cluster for Jarret Stoll, who was arrested while headed to a pool party in Vegas with 3.3 grams of cocaine and 8.1 grams of Molly. [LA Times]

Chips Ahoy for the Anaheim Ducks, who can be behind late in games and still come out on top. They lead the Teemu Selanne memorial series 3-0. [Sportsnet]

Reese's Pieces for Zach Parise, whose line has St. Louis Blues fit to be tied. If the Pens are out, go Wild go! [Star Tribune]