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Kris Letang cleared to train "with intensity"

Good news for Kris Letang, as he looks to return from a concussion suffered in late March.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for Kris Letang , it's all systems go for training this summer.

Good stuff. Letang, of course, saw his season end on March 28th when Shane Doan hit him and he fell back, head first into the boards, suffering a concussion.

Letang appears to be going hard for a while now, being as he posted this on Instagram 5 days ago:

Already anxious for next season ... Today was a great day @apcgym with my trainer and good friend @jonchaimberg

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The Penguins next health update could be coming soon, as it is believed that the blood clot treatment for Pascal Dupuis should have an update in the coming days, though when the news is known or announced remains to be seen. Hopefully Dupuis will receive the same good news that Letang has lately.