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Pens Points: Moves Graded and Analyzed

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Good morning one and all,

Let's get some impressions and analysis of the significant moves yesterday.

An excellent article showing that the Pens are finally getting it. [HockeyBuzz]

An in-depth analysis of every side of the retooling. Good stuff here. [The Pensblog]

The Pens get a whole lot deeper while cutting some money off the cap. Can't beat that. [Sporting News]

Good perspective from the nation's capital about Eric Fehr signing with the Penguins. [Washington Post]

For his part, Eric Fehr sought some stability and received. 3-year contract for the first time in his career. [Empty Netters]

The Vancouver Canucks view Sutter as a playoff player with high-end intangibles. Honestly. [Canadian Press]

Our friends in Vancouver don't seem super-encouraged by these high-end intangibles. [Nucks Misconduct]

Brandon Sutter's take on the trade he knew was coming. [Trib-Mackey]

Kevin Allen is pointing out that while the wheeling and dealing at forward is all well and good, the significant questions on defense that lost Martin and Ehrhoff still remain. [USA Today]

Clendening is on the move again, but the defensive prospect doesn't seem to mind. A great chat with him by the excellent Seth Rorabaugh. [PPG]


The Flyers sign Sean Coutourier for another 6 years to the tune of $26M, which translates to a cap hit of roughly $4.3M a year. [Broad Street Hockey]

Old friend Brooks Orpik had wrist surgery but is expected back for the start of the regular season. [Washington Post]

More on the mental game involved in the story of concussions and the NHl. As always excellent work from PPP. [Pension Plan Puppets]

The new NHL single-team GCL package is great but the price is not. [Broad Street Hockey]

Pittsburgh is one of the finalists for hosting the 2018 IIHF World Junior Championships. [USA Hockey]

The National Women's Hockey League has arrived. For the first time female players will be paid to play the sport they love. They won't be paid much, but it's a first. [Winging It In Motown]

Sid and his buddy Nate MacKinnon took a break from golfing to film a Tim Horton commercial and manned the drive-thru window at the Cole Harbour location. [CBS Sports]

And lastly, re-living the moment 10 years ago yesterday that changed the Penguins forever when they drafted a future Tim Horton's store manager. [Trib]