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Plotnikov Cap Hit Breakdown

Russian winger gets the 1-year Entry Level Contract, and based on Mike Colligan's reporting, could earn $2.85 million in performance bonuses.

Matej Divizna/Getty Images

Nothing like a little 4th of July hockey information, thanks to Mike Colligan's reporting via Twitter.

Colligan reported Russian winger Sergei Plotnikov will carry a $3.78 million cap hit due to having the potential to earn $2.85 million in performance bonuses.

If you are unaware of the performance bonus breakdown, below is a quick recap for those on an Entry Level Contract (ELC).

Individual 'A' Bonus by paid club has 9 categories , which a forward can earn a maximum of $212,500 each but he cannot earn any more than $850,000 total.

1. Ice Time (top six among team's forwards in TOI / minimum 42 games played)

2. Goals (minimum of 20)

3. Assists (minimum of 35)

4. Points (minimum of 60)

5. Points per Game ( .73 Points Per Game Minimum (minimum 42 Regular Season Games played)

6. Plus-Minus Rating: Among top three (3) forwards on the Club (minimum 42 Regular Season Games played by Player and comparison group).

7. End-of-Season NHL All-Rookie Team

8. NHL All-Star Game (selected to play or plays)

9. NHL All-Star Game MVP

Individual 'B' Bonuses can be paid for by the league or club for league awards, which carry a maximum of $2 million.

For more specific information, you can review the NHL CBA, Exhibit 5 starting on page 326.

If Plotnikov would somehow reach any of these performance bonuses, they would be applied to the team's 2015-2016 cap and any bonuses over the team's salary cap ceiling of $71.4 million would then move to the 2016-2017 season.

Such a cap hit would be a welcomed reward for the Penguins because that means the Penguins got a productive top six winger for a cheap base salary. A win-win for all involved.