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Pens Points: New Coveted Skills for Defensemen

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Good morning one and all,

More on the team sale on the horizon. In terms of the structure of the new ownership, it is more likely than not that it will be a group effort, bucking a recent league trend. [Trib]

Having gone through some life-threatening situations in the past 18 months, it's wonderful to hear that both Pascal Dupuis and Kris Letang are feeling healthy, happy and ready for a new season. Hockey benefits are secondary, but it will be great to see them in the lineup. []

Penguins preview from the fantasy hockey standpoint. Advice: draft Olli Maatta. [Fantasy Fix]

Although there is a void of big hockey news, there are still some good reads about recent trends in the game. This is a really good article describing how getting pucks through shot-blocking layers is becoming a coveted skill for NHL D-men. [The Score]

Inspired by that, another good post looks at how the role of the defenseman has changed since the last lockout. I highly recommend this article and a 3-part series cited therein. [Null Hypothesis Hockey]

More for the analytically inclined: a look at shooting and save percentages as the drivers of score effects. [Puck++]

While the NHL is keeping its head in the sand, pretending there is no connection between concussions and CTE, the NHLPA has initiated a new academic partnership to further the research in this area. [Sportsnet]

Why Mike Green is going to be a perfect fit for the Detroit Red Wings. [CBS Sports]

Johan Franzen heard Gustav Nyquist was sad to see Mike Babcock leave for Toronto, so he ordered some custoem-made Babcock bed sheets for him. [Detroit Free Press]

A really nice story on RMU senior forward Zach Lynch and his Pittsburgh hockey roots have become a lifelong partnership. [Along the Boards]

David Perron is probably up at all kinds of weird hours, what with a new baby at home and all, but he's also keeping his puck-handling skills sharp in his basement. [NESN]