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Phil Friday: Kessel tries on the Pens jersey

Ohhhh boy, it's on like Donkey Kong

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Happy Friday yinz and y'all. You know what it means time to look at the gift that doesn't stop giving: Phil Kessel. Let's jump in!


It all started with an innocent enough picture from the Penguins earlier this week. Phil taking some pics in his new jersey.


If course our friends at Pension Plan Puppets had a field day.

Some of our faves:




And That Third Jersey too

The Kessel family net moves on

A touching story from reddit, where someone bought a net off of Craigslist, only to discover they were buying it from Phil and Amanda's family:


The quick story is that I found this net on Craigslist and when I went to pick it up I learned that it belonged to Phil, Amanda, and Blake growing up. Their parents were moving, apparently. Mr. Kessel's sister and Ms. Kessel gave me two signed pictures of Phil for my kids and said they wanted the new owners to remember where the net came from. When the net didn't fit in my Jeep, Ms. Kessel said she and Mr. Kessel would drop it off at my house and said she was happy to see it going to young kids. She and her husband made the 40 minute drive to my place later that night and dropped it off with hockey pucks for my kids. Wonderful family all around and so generous - it certainly wasn't a profitable venture for them. We're very new to hockey, but know we're pretty lucky to have stumbled upon such a neat find.

Edit: Thanks everyone! Didn't think there would be that much interest! Someone mentioned that my son sort of looks like Phil. I'll need to talk to my wife about that. Like I said, we're new to hockey (last season was our first going to any games as a family: but our kids love it so hopefully this net is a cool beginning to that chapter


Have a great weekend. Go Pens!