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Pens Points: Geno Is Back In Town

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all!

It was an altogether decent weekend in the city of Pittsburgh, made even more awesome by the one and only Geno Machino, back in the Burgh and showing Plots the real meaning of Steel City. [Instagram]

Sid apparently has high hopes for the Steelers this year as well. Huge props to Jason Mackey for giving us better insight into the captain's off-season life in Nova Scotia than we've ever had. Great article, video, pics - well done. [Trib]

Steve Oleksy flavors his game with a special kind of tough and nasty. It's kind of interesting considering his lifelong nickname is Binky. [Trib]

Unlike this guy, which makes his signing with the LA Kings an even greater mystery. At any rate, Christian Ehrhoff has finally found a taker for 1 year, $1.5M, perhaps dropped so low due to significant health concerns. [ESPN]

Russian Ice Hockey Federation was finally given a fine of $85,000 for that embarrassing display of poor sportsmanship in leaving the ice before the Canadian anthem at the World Championships in Prague. [IIHF]

Twenty best free agents who could hit the market in the summer of 2016. I doubt all these guys will actually be on the market, but hey, the Pens took care of their big business. It's gonna be the Summer of Stammer. [THN]

How closely can a great goalie keep a bad team in games. In other worlds, a look at what Corey Schneider can do for the Devils. Maybe time to change the site name? [In Lou We Trust]

If the Canes really can't keep Eric Staal, what happens then? What-if options for the worst-case scenario in Raleigh. [Cans Country]

Last but not least, why your favorite team won't win the Stanley Cup - Eastern Conference edition. [USA Today]