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Pens Points: Tom Sestito Added to Camp Roster on a PTO

Pens Points: Tom Sestito Added to Camp Roster on a PTO

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all,

The Pens have added one more body to the training camp roster by adding veteran enforcer Tom Sestito to a PTO. Boxing lessons, anyone? [Penguins]

Pens individual game tickets go on sale on September 1. Get your credit cards ready and while you're refreshing your browser page, here is the list of promotional giveaways. No Phil Kessel bobblehead night on October 17?? [Penguins]

We all got word yesterday that HCMJ was thinking aloud as far as his line combos. Some more details and a video of the coach talking players and things. [Pens Inside Scoop]

The Pens have announced the lineup for the rookie tournament from September 10-13 in London, Ontario. Derrick Pouliot, Bryan Rust and Scott Wilson are your headliners. [Penguins]

A very interesting read for the stat-minded people. Individual point percentage - what it is, how one can apply it, and how GMs can exploit it. [TSN]

More good stuff from the Habs site. Analytics, Goodhart's law and why scorers stop scoring. [Eye on the Prize]

If only it were that simple to just sign Steven Stamkos. Yes and no. You take care of your #1 player first, then figure out the rest. [Raw Charge]

The Calgary Flames have extended captain Mark Giordano for 6 years to the tune of $40.5M. Full no-move until June 2020, at which time he can exclude 10 teams. This is not a prudent contract but okay. [CBS Sports]

Something special for the end for all the laughs. I said 10 years ago that Mike Keenan looks like Lenin and they only figured it out now. Follow me, comrades in fight! [SportsNet]