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Pens Points: Canucks Extend Sutter, Pens Revamp Radio Broadcasts

Canucks lock up Sutter, top 5 unbreakable NHL records, and more.

Good morning one and all,

So Brandon Sutter received a 5-year contract extension from the Vancouver Canucks with an AAV of $4.375M. He gets a $1M signing bonus for each year, full NTC first 3 years of extension, modified NTC (15 teams) for last 2 years. He was traded twice already, so he gets some security for a bit. [CBS Sports]

What are some cap comparables for Brandon Sutter? Good article, in a hilarious coincidence written by Mike Johnston, who did not coach Brandon Sutter (presumably). [SportsNet]

Obviously the Canucks are looking for younger yet accomplished centers to stabilize the position as the Sedin twins are about to turn 35 and presumably will retire at some point soon. [The Score]

Here is a really great article by Mike Colligan, who looks at what made the Canucks think Sutter is their guy. Might be a long 6 years in Vancouver, though nothing but the best of luck to Sutsy, always a great guy. [The Hockey Writers]

This article is also a must-read. It lists some of the NHL's most unbreakable records. One of them is the record for the longest shift ever, hilariously put in by Alex Kovalev after pissing off Mike Keenan. [Grantland]

Can Mike Babcock win with the Leafs? When you're the highest paid coach in the history of the league, people will expect things from him. How's that going to work out? [Pro Hockey Talk]

If you ask Canadian hockey media, Josh Ho-Sang is not a good Canadian boy. Seriously, give this kid a break. [Lighthouse Hockey]

It's time for the NHL to get rid of broadcast blackouts. You are not the NFL. Get over yourselves and just let us watch hockey. [Broad Street Hockey]

The UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry Township is just about ready to open. The first person who skated on its ice yesterday was 19-year-old USHLer Austin Lemieux. []

We all remember Mario saying one of the reasons he returned to hockey was so that his son could see him play. I recently read a cool story that really explains how it went down, through the memories of one Jaromir Jagr. [BarDown]

Pens radio broadcasts are undergoing a transition, and yesterday we got the news that Bob Grove was let g from his position as the broadcast radio host. [Mackey-Trib]