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Phi Friday: The final countdown

The bittersweet final edition of Phil Friday, with news and notes on all things Phil Kessel

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

OK gang, got some good news, bad news for you.

Bad news first: this is the last Phil Friday we'll have. (Until Phil scores a hatty on a Thursday)

The good news: it's the last off-season Friday of the summer.


Phil Kessel is in the 'Burgh and everyone's pumped.

And everyone was happy. Some roundups (many already covered in Pens Points):

Scary Gary happy with Phil

After training all summer in Toronto, Mr. Roberts is pleased

Let's gooo

Most obvious headline of all time

Coming from Sportsnet:

"Phil Kessel: Pittsburgh a more relaxed environment than Toronto"

"No shit, Sherlock"

But really, my favorite part:

"I think I ate a little healthier this summer, but training-wise I don’t think I did anything crazy different or anything like that," Kessel explained. "But Gary’s a great guy and I had a lot of fun there."

Recent reports suggested that Kessel lost 13 pounds working with Roberts, but the five-time 30-goal scorer denied that.

"I didn’t lose any weight," Kessel added with a smile. "Same as I’ve always been."

Kessel's noticeably in better shape, that's why the smile makes it funny!

Justin Bourne says Phil will score 100 goals!

Phil Kessel: first NHL's first 100 goal scorer!

(Ok, so it is a little out of context, but it is a real quote!)

Full article from Bourne

Also, 64% of those polled said 35+ goals for Phil. Another reminder of what I've said all summer: only 3 players scored 39+ last season..

Phil and Sid on The Hockey News

That cover!!!


Happy Phil Friday and thanks for all the feedback this summer on this feature. I'm glad it was well received, it was fun to keep going.