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Pens Points: Prospects Not Stellar, But Serviceable

Your daily look at Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning one and all,

The Pens found yet another awesome way to get some season tix to the fans. They invited some folks to pick them up, and were greeted by a nutty security guard, kooky receptionist, and don't even get me started with the elevator guy. I hear the tour was pretty good, though. []

Russian roomies Geno and Sarge were sent out separately. They ended up playing some basketball and Geno, okay, don't quit hockey just yet. [Periscope]

Oh man, I would love to get a Super Duper FedEx delivery of Pens tickets to my house. Some lucky people did. []

The rookie tournament has wrapped up and here are five key takeaways. [Pens Inside Scoop]

So the crop of Pens prospects isn't amazing or anything (in fact they recently were rated last in the NHL) we know that, but Jonathan Bombulie thinks they will work out okay. [Trib]

Matt Murray looks like a sure bet as the goalie of the future. I'm actually curious to see how his sophomore season in the AHL shapes up and how he'll follow a sensational rookie campaign. [PPG]

Once the camp opens, the interesting thing will be how the defense sorts out. That's where Mike Johnston will have some toughest questions. [PPG]

Around the NHL, a weird thing is going on were veterans can't get contracts and things.Jiri Tlusty, a 27-year-old legit top-6 player can't get anything but a PTO and has rejected five already. This is ridiculous. [Fire & Ice]

Eric Staal and the Canes aren't close on the extension contract at all, the reports say. This is also going to be interesting. Could the Staals be a tad overrated? [PHT]

The Bruins aren't in a great place, it seems, and people are beginning to wonder how bad it's really going to get. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

It looks as if though Patrick Kane will be attending the Blackhawks training camp after all. I don't really have adequate words for this. [NBC Sports]

The NHL will employ independent concussion spotters at all games this season. Wait, I thought there were people already at games whose job was to watch for these things. This league is so weird. [TSN]

Connor McDavid was shaken up on a clean-looking hit by Jake Virtanen the other day, which wraked all sorts of havoc. How should the Oilers protect him? [SportsNet]

And for the end, take a look at Jack Eiche's OT winner. These two guys are going to set the league on fire. [Sportsnet]