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Pens Points: Regulation Loss, OT Goal for Pens in Detroit

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Tim Horton's/TSN JWT Canada
Tim Horton's/TSN JWT Canada

Good morning one and all,

Lots of news and goings-on today, so off we go.


The Pens dropped a regulation tally to Detroit 6-1, but they played a 3-on-3 OT and Geno did what Geno does, set up Sundqvist on a silver platter, shorthanded, for the final goal. [PPG]

The game in GIFs, tweets and video clips. The Pens lone regulation goal was scored by Beau Bennett. [Penguins Sauce]

Undersized forward Connor Sheary is looking to stick with the club. It will be a tough choice between him, Sundqvist, Wilson and Rust. [Trib]

How does Rob Scuderi fit into the system Mike Johnston wants to play? [PPG]

Another defenseman, the more versatile Tim Erixon, hopes to stick with this club after playing for three in the previous season. [PPG]

Gonchar aimed for improvement in the second game, but is now -5 combined in two games. [Trib]

The new episode of Garage League podcast is here. Lyle and Andy discuss training camp, preseason games, and Lemieux/Jagr. [SoundCloud]

If you missed last night's Pens TV segment on Sidney Crosby and his summer in Nova Scotia, it's a must-see. This is a guy who checked with his sister if it's OK to address a group of kids as "you guys" if the group also included girls. In light of everything we're watching these days, my pride in our captain is sky-high. [Pens TV]


Stanley Cup Prospects, Part Deux. The middle section known as the Parity Patrol. I take it that the Pens are now in the top tier. [Grantland]

Why Cody Franson is the NHL biggest bargain. That was one heck of a good deal for Buffalo. [Sportsnet]

Luke Schenn is a strong candidate to be traded by the Flyers before the season opens. [The Score]

An in-depth analysis of fighting in the NHL. [Habs Eye on the Prize]

The World Cup of Hockey and the hockey's biggest gamble (so far). [Hockey Wilderness]

GHL takes an in-depth look at the career of Todd Ewen, who recently passed away, as well as the career of the recently retired Ryan Whitney. Both are excellent as always.

LOLeafs are at it again: they use inflatable mannequins to screen their goalies. [The Score]

How a little Leafs fan and the family deal with the loss of favorite player Phil Kessel. More Penguins fans is always a good thing, though as a mom of kids who get attached to players I know it's not easy. [PPP]

The Patrick Kane case took yet another weird twist as the accuser's lawyer pulls out of the case. Showing a piece of evidence with the victim's name on TV so everyone can see it is not a sign of good legal representation. Eric Macramalla on why the case may have been fatally compromised (audio). [TSN]

Five respected female SBN hockey writers took two weeks to write and fact-check this editorial. Even though the case itself is evolving, the salient points the article made still stand. [SBN]

I don't want to end this on a sad note, so for laughs please check out all 8 videos of Sid and Nate having tons of a fun working the drive-thru window of a Tim Horton's in the most Canadian thing ever. The two franchises should be grateful for these two amazing guys, not just for the players they are but mostly for the people they are. [TSN]