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UPDATE: Penguins vs. Capitals postponed due to blizzard

Snowstorm Jonas is bearing down on the east coast and the Penguins/Capitals game schedule for Sunday afternoon at 12:30.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

UPDATE: The NHL has postponed Sunday's Pens/Caps game. A make-up date has yet to be announced.

The NHL postponed the Washington Capitals game against the Anaheim Ducks today due to the massive snowstorm moving up the east coast. Why do we care? Of interest at the bottom:

A decision regarding Sunday’s Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals game at Verizon Center, NHL Game No. 720, will be announced Saturday morning.

The Penguins will be able to play tomorrow (Saturday) for their afternoon game against the Vancouver Canucks but getting into DC will be very tricky. The worst of the storm is expected on Saturday and here's the weather projection for the Washington area.


This isn't an area that deals well with snow, and all 3 major airports in the DC areas are having severe delays and may be closing down soon.

We'll see how the snow unfolds, but it seems like an impossibility that the Penguins will be able to make it to Washington in time to play on Sunday.

Which might be a boost for the Pens - if the game gets delayed, they won't have to play back-to-back games (where they are just 2-7-1 in the second game in 2 days). It also might mean, depending on the potential rescheduling it could mean more time for Marc-Andre Fleury to play.

We'll see what happens when the NHL makes an announcement on Saturday morning, but if the storm hits as bad as predicted, the Penguins and Capitals almost certainly will not be playing Sunday at 12:30.