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Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion, and he has the ring to prove it

Everything about this is beautiful.

It’s 2016, and Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion.

I mean, all of the Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup champions, but Phil Kessel’s the one who decided to give us closeups of his nice, new, shiny ring.

Seriously, look at it. It’s beautiful.

Gee, whose Cup ring is that?

It’s Phil’s!

Phil Kessel being increasingly active on Twitter since Team USA flopped out of the World Cup has been awesome. This is a man who once took nearly two months to tweet goodbye to Toronto after he’d been traded. And then didn’t tweet again until he won the Cup. And now he’s a loveable, A+ tweeting machine.

One that has a very nice new ring. Because Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion.