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The Pittsburgh Penguins have the coolest Zamboni in the NHL

Stanley Cup Zamboni? Stanley Cup Zamboni.

What do you do when it’s your 50th season? Celebrate it.

What do you do when it’s your 50th season and you’re also the defending Stanley Cup champions?

Flaunt it. As much as you can. Especially because your Cup-winning team is still largely intact, and pretty frickin’ awesome.

So... Zamboni?


That’s a mighty-fine looking Zamboni. It isn’t flashy, but it gets to the point: the Pittsburgh Penguins were the kings of last season, and that’s that.

Even if it doesn’t look like the Cup Zamboni has been used at the Penguins’ arena, how many teams in the NHL can lay claim to having one at all? The Pens are definitely a cut ahead with this beauty.