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Penguins and Matt Murray agree on 3 year contract extension

Bob McKenzie spoke, so we listen. Penguins extend Matt Murray for 3 more seasons at a fair price for both sides.

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A bit of news on the Matt Murray front, from two angles:

Contract news

This is not surprising in the least, that the Pens would want to lock him up before the (although never realistic) threat of an offer sheet could come into play, allowing an RFA contract issue to surface. We are seeing this happen right now with Hampus Lindholm and the Anaheim Ducks, and we saw the Calgary Flames and Johnny Gaudreau take it down to the 11th hour. I can see why the Pens want to get it done ASAP.

Injury update

This lines up pretty right-on, in terms of the initial timeline from his WCOH injury. The only question remaining is whether or not Mike Condon gets any game-time before Murray is back or not.

Contract Update: Looks like things are closing in rapidly