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Mike Condon has his Penguins mask, and it’s wonderful

Gold makes everything great.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Condon made his Pittsburgh Penguins debut, albeit in less-than-ideal circumstances. Hey - at least he was perfect in relief, though.

Another cool bright side to everything? He’s got his Penguins mask, and it looks pretty awesome.

A comparison, via Pens equipment manager Dana Heinze, if you will:

Looks like Marc-Andre Fleury remains the only Penguin who decided to go for more black than white.

Condon’s mask looks pretty awesome, though, and Heinze was kind enough to give us a good look at it from up close.

Condon is from Massachusetts, but obviously lives in Pennsylvania now, so that explains that - and it’s a rather nice gesture from him. (And pretty nice art, too. How often do you see a more sketchy style on a goalie mask?)

I think one of my favourite things are the shiny penguin silhouettes playing hockey inside the full-sized Penguins logo, though. Something about it just looks awesome.

That and the gold - but the gold is always going to look good.