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The penguins exhibit at the zoo got dressed up for Halloween, and it’s perfect

I recognize some of those graves!

When Halloween comes, you know things are about to get spooky.

The Pittsburgh Zoo is no exception. Things don’t get too spooky, of course - the animals are the number one priority, after all - but they get spooky enough.

And, via Twitter user Sammm, we can see just how frightening they made the penguins exhibit.

A bat, a ghost, anything that shade of green can’t be good, and some gravestones.

But not just ANY gravestones. The real penguins residing in Pittsburgh also get to hang out at the burial ground of the Flyers, Capitals, and Sharks. The Flyers are the Pens’ most obvious rivals - that they’re better than, of course - but the Penguins did directly end the seasons of both the Capitals and Sharks en route to winning the Stanley Cup.

So those gravestones are actually pretty appropriate, wouldn’t you say? They even have the Sharks’ date of death. RIP, indeed.

And both the zoo - and those penguins - definitely know what they’re doing.