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Marc-Andre Fleury has home and away masks

Matching masks for both his jerseys!

San Jose Sharks v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

With the Pittsburgh Penguins officially changing back to regular gold on their uniforms full time, a number of aesthetic changes have had to be conducted along with it. Those included the goaltenders’ masks, so they could blend with the new regular jerseys.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s has stood out, as it’s the only one of the bunch to heavily utilize black.

Turns out, there was a reason for that: so it would go with his home jersey, which is primarily black and gold.

That explains why he has a new mask for the road.

Replace the black with the white, and suddenly, he’s got something that perfectly matches his road jersey. That’s awesome.

You’ve gotta love a goalie who takes so much care in his gear that he makes sure he’s going to match, no matter where he’s playing. Also, you’ve gotta love a goalie that has consistently performed rather well over the years. Fleury checks off both criteria!