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Penguins vs Flyers Recap: Sid and Geno show out, Pens beat loserly Flyers

Penguins vs Flyers Recap: Sid and Geno show out, Pens beat loserly Flyers

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

K, it's Halloween weekend so we're going to keep this short and sweet so your boy can get out there.

Flyers go up 2-0 in the first period. If it happens when I'm walking my dog and basking in the glow of a rare Notre Dame win, did it really happen?

Doesn't matter because I come back in and Sidney Crosby scores two goals against the Flyers in less time than it takes you to read this.

Second time in as many seasons Crosby has feasted on a tight angle shot on Steve Mason.

And Matt Cullen, a dinosaur in NHL years (but still not born that last time the Flyers won the Cup) also scored on a nice wraparound to give the Pens a lead.

Chart away, boys

2nd period

Philly fans like to preach to whoever will listen that Sean Couturier is good against Evgeni Malkin. Not when he passes the puck right to Chris Kunitz though. Kuni hits Phil Kessel who puts one right to Geno and Malkin doesn't mess around, burying his 4th of the season past Michal Neuvirth .

3rd period

Flyers score a few, but who can be bothered with that when Evgeni Malkin breaks a 4-4 tie.

That's the winner, Philly stinks on toast, you guys.

Some Thoughts

  • Patric Hornqvist hit Claude Giroux from behind in the 1st period, and say what you will about a guy who gets drunk and grabs a male cop on the butt, however no one likes to see that. Luckily Giroux was able to come back for the second period and will be able to get inebriated and grab more cops by the buns in the future if he so chooses.
  • The Penguins chased Steve Mason after the end of the first period, leaving Philly's goalie (who some will tell you is good) at a .879 save % after 9 games.
  • It's common to point out Olli Maatta's mistakes but his play in the o-zone lead to 2 goals (on both Malkin goals) so let's give it equal play, right?
  • Big time by Geno to score 2 ES goals against Philly with Coots on the ice for both. RIP in peace to that narrative.
  • Not sure what Brian Dumoulin was thinking on his play that gave Voracek a penalty shot. Most Pens fans won't make too much of a fuss since it's Dumo, but not a great play by him.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury battled. Did what he had to do and didn't totally melt like Steve Mason, which is why he's better than Steve Mason. Still, MAF's started 9 games in 17 days and it's almost Matt Murray time next week, which it needs to be.
  • Kessel (2 assists tonight) been really good against the Flyers so far in his short Penguins career so far. As if you needed a reason to like him more.
  • Pens weren't totally clean but didn't have Letang and still held their own, on the road against a rival (and playoff team last year). Gotta take that.
  • No intelligent person likes the Flyers

Pens stay on the road and go out to California next week, starting next Wednesday in Anaheim.