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Precision passing leads the Penguins to three goals en route to a 5-4 win over the Flyers

The Penguins scored five goals last night against the Flyers in a 5-4 victory. Three of the goals featured crisp and precise passing that showed off the skill that the Penguins roster is built with. Let's take a look at how quickly these goals developed.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Despite allowing the Flyers to get out to 2-goal lead early in the game, the Penguins stormed back to quickly score 3 goals, before taking a 4-2 lead. This sentiment might echo the entertainment levels of the Penguins right now. All of the offensive firepower, with some defensive liabilities. After the Flyers came back to tie the game at 4-4, the Penguins ultimately won the game with a 5th goal to hang on for the win.

Sidney Crosby beats Steve Mason from a Silly Angle

Down 2-0, off the rush with a nice zone entry from Scott Wilson, Sidney Crosby and Patric Hornqvist made some quick passes between each other, and Crosby beat Mason over the shoulder and under the bar.

As Wilson took the puck at the red line, he made a nice play to keep control of the puck and get around Shayne Gostisbehere without letting him break up the play.

Wilson is then challenged by both Flyers defenders, as he passes the puck to Sidney Crosby down the left side. Patric Hornqvist trails behind Crosby, and Justin Schultz enters the play on the back side.

The Penguins find themselves with a numbers advantage, as Wayne Simmonds is trying to catch up and come from behind to get into the play.

Crosby passes the puck back to Patric Hornqvist, who does a give-and-go play with Crosby, who keeps himself in a shooting position, while Schultz is driving the net.

Crosby, in one motion, fires the puck over Steve Masons shoulder from a remarkable angle. Just like that, a few quick passes while in transition up the ice, and it's a 2-1 game.

Sidney Crosby ties the game on the power play

We've seen this type of power-play goal before. Evgeni Malkin to Justin Schultz to Phil Kessel to Patric Hornqvist to Sidney Crosby. Just like that, probably easier than it should be.

Evgeni Malkin makes a quick deke play on the right point to shake Sean Couturier from the high pressure and gets the puck to Justin Schultz.

Schultz, who is doing a great job in this role while filling in for the injured Kris Letang, moves to the puck to Phil Kessel at the half wall.

Kessel holds the puck for just a second, which is enough time for the two defenders in front of the net to both focus on him, and essentially freeze them so he can make a pass.

With Patric Hornqvist and Sidney Crosby both as options, Kessel puts it right on the tape of Hornqvist.

Hornqvist makes a quick one-touch pass to an open Sidney Crosby in the slot.

Crosby makes no hesitation, and puts it over Mason's glove and under the crossbar, and we've got a tied game.

Penguins capitalize on Flyers turnover to score 4th goal of the game

With a 3-2 lead, the Penguins were looking to press further on and extend their lead. A little bit of offensive pressure led to a Flyers turnover. Chris Kunitz made a great play at the blue line, and two quick passes later, the score is 4-2.

Not enough has been talked about this turnover from Sean Couturier. This is so bad. Two options behind him where he could play the puck to, but instead just throws it to space.

Chris Kunitz recognizes that this puck isn't going to clear the zone and quickly hits the brakes to be able to keep it in.

As Kunitz stops the puck from leaving the zone, Phil Kessel starts to turn his body to get open for a pass.

Kunitz falls to his knees while trying to keep it in, but still manages to make a perfect pass to Kessel.

Kessel holds the puck briefly and looks off Michal Neuvirth long enough to freeze him, before feeding the puck to Malkin.

Malkin is the beneficiary of an all-world play and pass from Kessel, and has an easy tap-in.


These three goals are the example of the kind of plays we should expect with players like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Kessel in the lineup. But talent alone doesn't mean success, as we've seen, so it's fantastic to see this kind of execution leading to wins and entertainment at the same time. Let's just hope this skill and passing continues to thrive.