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CSN Philly tries to roast the Penguins, gets shut down immediately

The Penguins officially have a new arena name, which led to some jokes. And another Pens win.


So it’s official: the Pittsburgh Penguins no longer play at the Consol Energy Center. They now play at the PPG Paints Arena.

This has, naturally, led to some jokes. I mean... it’s paint. Paint is much easier to make fun of!

CSN Philly, however, decided to go a different direction with their joke for the day:

Fair enough, fair enough. The Flyers have made a habit of winning quite a bit in Pittsburgh ever since the Penguins got their new home, and Philadelphia fans will often joke about it being their second home barn.

A picture says a thousand words, though, and the Penguins had the perfect comeback right away.

Man, if only they’d have won the Cup at home in Pittsburgh, it would have been really perfect, wouldn’t it? Well, even more than it already is - like the difference between an A+ and an A++.

Excellent job, Pens. See you at the PPG Paints Arena.