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Brad Marchand talks about what it's like to play with Sidney Crosby

"If you think I'm in trouble, help. If you don't, stay away."

Hockey: World Cup of Hockey-Final-Team Canada vs Team Europe Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who gets to play with Sidney Crosby has to be pretty lucky.

Talented, too; not just anybody gets to play with him. But there are so many factors that go into being Crosby's linemate that exclude many right off the bat.

For example, if you're not a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, good luck.

If you're Canadian, though, you have a shot. Fellow Nova Scotian Brad Marchand got that shot at the World Cup of Hockey, and via Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts, he talked about just what playing with a generational talent is like (#25):

"The most difficult thing was figuring out how to read him during puck battles in the offensive zone. There were times I’d think he needed help, and go to him. Then he’d beat three guys and I was in his way."

Marchand laughed and said he asked Crosby on the bench what to do. The reply: "He kind of shrugged and said, ‘If you think I’m in trouble, help. If you don’t, stay away.’"

No doubt it takes a special kind of star to keep up with Crosby. The two thrived together during the World Cup, as Crosby's 10 points and Marchand's eight led the tournament. Even though Marchand had more goals, it was clearly Crosby driving the line - and Marchand figured out how to play perfectly with him.

Of course, it all starts with just letting him do his thing.