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Looking back at some of the more memorable goals that Evgeni Malkin has scored

Evgeni Malkin has scored his 300th goal for the Penguins. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, Evgeni Malkin hit a personal milestone, scoring his 300th goal in the NHL. Now in his 11th season with the Penguins (where did the time go??), that’s a pretty good number.

Three hundred goals. That’s kind of crazy to think about. It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were all sitting back and waiting to find out when Malkin would be coming to Pittsburgh to play in the NHL. It may have even been an “if” and not a “when.”

Now, 11 years later, he just scored #300 for the Penguins. Let’s take a look back at some of my personal favorites that he has scored. (Note: These are not in any particular order, and I am sure I am missing some big ones.)

Malkin dances around the Devils and Brodeur

This was so early in Malkin’s career, and he immediately showed that remarkable drive to the net and combination of power and skill.

You can even hear Eddie Olczyk say from the broadcast, “Shades of Mario.”

Malkin makes a fool out of Gabriel Landeskog

While the Penguins were playing the Colorado Avalanche, Matt Duchene scored a highlight-reel goal. Not to be outdone, Malkin followed it up with one of his own.

It will always be amazing to me how someone with Malkin’s sheer size and power can also possess the puck skills and soft hands that he does.

Malkin makes Cam Ward lose his liquor license

I don’t think any of us will ever forget this one. It was the 2009 Eastern Conference Final, and Malkin was in that dominant mode for the entire series.

“Oh my word. Evgeni Malkin. Spectacular for the hat trick.”

Evgeni Malkin makes French Toast out of Martin Biron

Another Eastern Conference Final goal, but this one was from a year earlier in 2008 against the Flyers.

I’m glad this highlight shows the whole play. On the penalty-kill, Malkin got dumped pretty hard by Mike Richards, but Malkin got the last laugh. What an amazing goal. Who else would fire a slap shot from close range like that? Hilarious.

Malkin goes Coast to Coast against the Lightning

2011-12 was a fun season for Malkin. 50 goals, 109 points, the Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy.

Again, it’s just amazing to see someone who is as big and strong as Malkin move the way he does.

Malkin’s Spin-o-Rama against the Oilers

Here is a more recent one, from just last season.

This whole sequence is remarkable. The pick-pocket from behind on the back check, the spin move, the backhand goal off the bar and in. Amazing.

We are so lucky to have Evgeni Malkin in a Penguins uniform, plain and simple.

What are some of your favorite Malkin goals that I didn’t include here? Leave them in the comments or yell at me on Twitter and i’ll update the post and include them.