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CCM releases YouTube video series on Sidney Crosby; “Made of Hockey”

CCM, today released a series of vignettes that captures the two-time Stanley Cup and two-time Olympic Champion Sidney Crosby’s love for hockey.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Available via CCM’s YouTube channel, the videos showcase Crosby referring to his Stanley Cup wins as “pure happiness.” He discusses the challenges and difficulties that athletes confront when vying for one of sports’ toughest Finals series. Crosby also reveals how hockey forces him to continue learning. His competitive nature and desire to always excel push him to learn new ways of winning and playing.

Made of Hockey

The Competitor

Living the Dream

The Champion

In addition, CCM captures Crosby’s passion for another sport – fishing. CCM traveled with him to a favorite fishing hole, where Crosby discusses how being on the water helps provide him with peace and perspective.

CCM’s intention in tagging along with Crosby this summer was to show how well he embodies the ethos Made of Hockey, which has become synonymous with CCM. As a player who lives hockey in everything he does – from his focus off the ice to the energy with which he competes, Crosby inspires a generation of young hockey players to challenge themselves and set goals. (All quotes via CCM Press Release)