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The Pittsburgh Penguins make a good point about banners

Banners of all kinds are great, but the Penguins definitely had the best banner of the season.

So, the Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t have the best regular season in 2015-16. They got off to a bad start, and had to make a coaching change in December, replacing Mike Johnston with Mike Sullivan.

It worked: the Pens rose up through their struggles, to make the playoffs and finish... second in the Metropolitan Division.

Not that that’s bad, but anywhere you can win, you want to, you know? And the Washington Capitals had a really good regular season, claiming the President’s Trophy with 120 points, 16 ahead of the Penguins. That’s an accomplishment.

Then, the two met in the playoffs.

And... we all know how that turned out.

But both teams accomplished great things last season! So they both got banners to celebrate.

It’s just, you know, one looks a lot nicer than the other.