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Game Recap: Pens Bounce Back, Get Overtime Win

The Pens were looking to rebound from the 7-1 debacle from Wednesday's game against the Capitals. They faced off against the struggling Islanders.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period

It was a fairly uneventful first period other than a power play goal scored by, who else, Sidney Crosby to give the Pens a 1-0 lead.

2nd Period

The Pens were shorthanded to begin the 2nd period due to a Malkin penalty at the end of the 1st period and they paid dearly for it. Brock Nelson tied the game at 1.

Then, a mere 43 seconds later... Anthony Beauvillier gives the Isles the lead.

The Pens tie it at 2! Thank you, Trevor Daley.

3rd Period

We began the 3rd period all tied at 2 and ended the period the same way. Not much action occurred at all during the 3rd period. The pace of the game was rather quick. So, both teams went into overtime.


Kris Letang gets the overtime winner thanks to a JUICY pass from Sid! Pens win 3-2!

Final Thoughts

For the majority of the game, the Pens were visibly outplaying the Islanders. If it weren't for the Pens' miscues on the power play, they probably could have scored 5 or 6 goals. However, the Pens got the desired result and deserved the win.

This isn't so much related to the actual game, but the Barclays Center ice looked awful. The puck was bouncing everywhere. Players, and at one time, an official, fell down because of its choppiness. Anywho, the Pens are now 11-4-2 and will be in Buffalo tomorrow night!