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The Letangs are celebrating a very special birthday

Their son, Alex, is already four!

Here’s what Kris Letang has been up to for the past four years:

  • Played 226 regular season NHL games.
  • Scored 45 goals in the regular season.
  • Scored 147 points in the regular season.
  • Played 277 NHL games, including playoffs.
  • Scored 53 goals, including playoffs.
  • Scored 184 points, including playoffs.
  • Won a Stanley Cup.
  • Scored the Cup-winning goal, even!
  • Had a son.

As special as all of that is - and it is all very special - it’s that last one that’s undoubtedly the most meaningful.

So here are some well wishes to the entire Letang family!

Already 4 years old for Alex #timeflies #happybirthdayalex

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

Alex definitely has his dad’s hair - what a precious family.