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Happy birthday, Marc-Andre Fleury!

He turns 32 today. How time flies!

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Marc-Andre Fleury this season, and for a couple of good reasons. Matt Murray taking over as the Pittsburgh Penguins’ starter during their Stanley Cup run in the last playoffs was one thing; the expansion draft is something else entirely.

If Fleury is still on the Penguins’ roster, and he doesn’t waive his no-movement clause, the Pens have to protect him - exposing Murray in the process. And it’s hard to see an unprotected Murray surviving the draft.

BUT. That is in the (admittedly, near) future. Today, though? The Penguins don’t play today, but it is Fleury’s birthday!

He’s 32 today. Remember when the Pens were taking him first overall back in 2003? Seriously, time flies.

So far this season, Fleury has started 14 games, and played in 15. He has a .901 save percentage to show for it; .913 at even strength.

Throughout the 13 years he’s spent with the Penguins, though? (Wow, remember 19-year-old Fleury?) He’s suited up 668 times for the Penguins, stopped over 17,000 pucks, and has a .912 career save percentage.

And two Stanley Cups, can’t really forget about those. So...

Happy birthday Fleury!!!

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