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Carl Hagelin is already picking out a Christmas tree

Have you got yours yet?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; Christmas is under a month away, now, so it only makes sense for people to get ready to celebrate. And with the Pittsburgh Penguins having a stretch of three days without a game, well, what better time to start picking up the necessary - and big - decorations?

That’s what Carl Hagelin has been up to during this break.

Good day to find myself a Christmas tree Thanks to @jofamafashion for the early Xmas gift #leatherjacket

A photo posted by Carl Hagelin (@62hagsofficial) on

Wow, it’s looking like a pretty green Christmas so far, isn’t it?

That looks like it’s going to be a good tree once he’s got it home and set up, though. Remember, Hagelin’s only about 5’11 tall, so that’s a tree that tops 6’, easy - and it’s going to be a bit more spread out than it is, all bundled up like when Hagelin got it.

It’s almost that time of year, though! Hopefully we get a look at the finished project, too.