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Sidney Crosby (usually) loves playing the New York Islanders

He has now scored 100 points against them.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t exactly have the desired outcome against the New York Islanders - but they made it pretty exciting, at the very least, in part due to Sidney Crosby’s two assists.

Crosby now has 22 points in 17 games, putting him seventh in league-wide scoring. You can’t say he isn’t having a good season.

But man oh man, does he like playing the Islanders. Via the Elias Sports Bureau, his second assist against the Islanders was the 100th point he’s ever scored against them.

He’s only played them 57 times. And he hasn’t scored 100 points against any other team - his next-best total is 83 against the Philadelphia Flyers. (Crosby is awesome.)

But that’s not all...

The only active player other than Crosby who has racked up 100 or more points against one NHL team is Jaromir Jagr, who has done so against five different clubs: the Islanders (154 points), Flyers (120), Whalers/Hurricanes (118), Sabres (104) and Bruins (100.) Jagr and Crosby are two of the four players who have scored at least 100 points versus the Islanders. The two other players, both retired, are also former Penguins greats: Mario Lemieux (131 points) and Mark Recchi (120.)

How much do the Islanders hate the Penguins? And whoa, that’s some serious company Crosby has put himself in.

He’s only 29 years old; what other NHL teams does he have the chance to score 100+ points against? The Flyers are definitely a candidate; after that, there’s a bit more of a drop off.

Crosby’s next most frequent victims are the New York Rangers, whom he has scored 74 points against; after them, it’s the New Jersey Devils (56), Washington Capitals (55), Toronto Maple Leafs (53), and Buffalo Sabres (50).

Speaking to his ability to make playing against him hell for other teams, there are only five teams he isn’t over a point per game against: Chicago, Detroit, San Jose, St. Louis, and Vancouver. Maybe one day, though, they can join the other 24.

Though they probably won’t see quite the amount of love he shows the Islanders.