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When you get 2 good Darius Kasparaitis stories, you gotta share 'em

The former Penguins defenseman has some stories pop up on twitter that are too good not to share...And will Darius Kasparaitis be wearing a Penguins jersey on the ice in 2017 at the alumni game?

From @kennedy4848 on twitter
From @kennedy4848 on twitter
Tyler Kennedy

@NHLhistorygirl had this great, undated twitter story but I didn't feel it was quite enough to blog about until some more Darius Kasparaits news broke too.

Classic Kasparaits. One gets the feeling shenanigans like this went down all the time around old #11.

A tweet from another former Penguin, Tyler Kennedy , was what caught my eye. Does TK hint that he and Kasparaitis are going to be teammates in Febraury for the alumni game between Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers alumni? Sure looks like it.

Rosters haven't been formally announced yet but stay tuned. Given the awesome turnout in 2011, it reasons to figure plenty of awesome names and players will be back in black and gold for one more time.