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Sidney Crosby, baseball player

Hitting a home run, swinging at the puck - both help your team score!

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve talked a lot about Sidney Crosby’s goal scoring this season. It’s kind of impossible not to; he has 21 in 23 games. He is leading the entire NHL. The next best guy only has 18, and that’s in two more games played.

Crosby doesn’t need to get fancy for us to talk about how good he is at scoring goals. He doesn’t need to start playing a completely different sport - say, baseball - in order to impress us. And yet...

The ability to track the puck, the presence of mind to wait until it’s below the crossbar, and then to hit it perfectly... just absurd. This guy can do everything.

The Penguins had seven different goal scorers in their 7-0 blowout win over the Arizona Coyotes. Of course one of them was going to be Crosby; it’s just a given at this point. He’s on pace for 69 goals, so that’s nice.

But anyway, while we’re talking about Crosby playing baseball, here’s that time he hit a home run at PNC Park.

Geez, Crosby is good at sports.