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Pittsburgh Penguins drop off Stanley Cup ring at Hockey Hall of Fame

Also, Sidney Crosby is a nerd.

The Pittsburgh Penguins had some other business to take care of in their first visit to Toronto this year.

Sure, there was a game. And with two days off until their next one, they had a bit of time to make another important stop: one to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

You see, though we approach the halfway mark of the 2016-17 NHL season, the Penguins are still the defending Stanley Cup champions. And with the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, the city they were in, well, they had a special donation to drop off.

A very beautiful, shiny, extremely important donation!

With a couple of players who own that very ring on hand...

... and one of them insisting on being a giant nerd.

Well, when you score a golden goal - and considering how it’s understandable Crosby may not have had much time or reason to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame since the 2010 Olympics - that makes sense.

And now, the Hockey Hall of Fame is that much greater, blessed with its newest ring - and one of the most beautiful ones there, no doubt.